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7:06 AM

16.2 mi


7:59 mi


112 lb
160 bpm
176 bpm


71 F
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Temp 72, DP 71. Some wind. Did the 4-3-2-1 going out to Hains Point and back - backing off on the pace due to the conditions. Splits were:

4 miles in 29:43 (7:34/7:25/7:23/7:21)

3 miles in 22:00 (7:22/7:20/7:18)

2 miles in 14:52 (7:15/7:37) *I think the pace for the second mile got screwed up by running under the Whitehurst - I didn't feel like I slowed up here - I suspect my actual pace was closer to 7:15.

1 mile in 7:09

I carried a water bottle, and tried to refill it at water fountains along the way, but they were all turned off. I ended up relying on the tennis center and MLK memorial bathrooms to refill it. Took half a big apple GU after the 3 mile interval .

HR got higher than I wanted it to at the end - I suspect that's due to dehydration and the humidity. Still, this workout went well, given the conditions.

Two puffs Dulera in morning (thought I didn't get a good puff the first time). No need for rescue inhaler. Salted Caramel GU for breakfast - also used Ucan mixed in coconut water.