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5:50 AM

9.3 mi


8:35 mi


112 lb
157 bpm


80 F
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Temp 80, DP 75.

Workout of mile repeats, run at tempo effort. We were supposed to run it like a 5K tempo, split up, but I opted to start a bit slower to test out the calf. It held together well, so I ended up doing 4 repeats, dropping the pace slightly on each one (ran with Dan and Lauren on first 2, and Anne on second 2). Splits were 6:30, 6:22, 6:17, and 6:12. Kept these solidly aerobic, rather than dropping to interval effort. I'm pretty happy with how good and controlled these felt, given the weather.

Ended up splitting 25:21 for the total 4 miles, which is about what I'd be aiming for if it was a straight 4 mile tempo, so yay.

Left calf felt good through out. Right peroneal a bit tight during warm-up, and post tib a bit creaky on cooldown. But nothing horrible.

Kept drills minimal, to be careful, and also kept the cool-down very short. Skipped the heavy injury prevention work except for KB swings (2x20 at 15) and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 15).

One puff of dulera in the morning