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5:50 AM

11.1 mi


8:10 mi


110 lb
151 bpm
182 bpm


56 F
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Temp 56, DP 55, wind from the south. Was going for a 5 mile tempo, but did 4 in 26:04 (splitting 6:31/6:29/6:32/6:32). Ran with Alex for a little bit, and then Romain jumped in and out to pace me.

Run was worse than it looks - I went out slightly too aggressively, and was struggling in the 4th mile. The heat and humidity and pollen were factors too - on an absolute scale they weren't bad at all. But I'm not acclimated, and I needed to go out a bit more cautiously (but didn't). Stopping at 4 was the right choice - better not to dig myself into a hole. But I'm annoyed at myself - I know better than to start tempos too aggressively.

George was happy I stopped at 4, and thought it was still a good workout, so there's that. Apparently nearly everyone else either stopped their workout early or got pulled, so I wasn't alone.

No asthma, at least. (Advair 250). Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, maple bacon gu, and chocolate stroppwafel. Felt a little underfueled - I don't think I ate enough yesterday.