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7:30 AM

12.4 mi


7:59 mi


115 lb
155 bpm


46 F
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Temp 48, DP 42. Ran from home down Bluemont Junction to W&OD, where I did drills and strides. Then up W&OD to CUstis to Washington Blvd, and took that out to Sycamore. From there I ran downhill past the metro to pick up the W&OD again, and took that to the Custis (using alt Custis) to mile marker 2.5 and back to 2. Then did 4 hill sprints, before jogging over to gym for injury prevention work. Then from there back home.

Injury prevention work included squats (4x6 at 135, 155, 165, 175, plus two sets with low weight working on form) and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 30).

Left adductor tight at first, and right foot crampy. Both hammies tight - left more than right. But felt really good by end.