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7:00 AM

14.9 mi


7:31 mi


116 lb
159 bpm


70 F
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Start at Temp 70, DP 66, end at temp 76, DP 70. Progression run on Cap Crescent and towpath - ran up to mile marker 3 on Cap Crescent, then back down and continuing on to Georgetown before hopping back up to Cap Crescent to come back. Was shooting for 14, but miscalculated - thought it was only 10 miles up to mile marker 3 and back. Could have turned earlier in Georgetown but I needed the water in Georgetown pretty badly. Hung with big group for first 5 or so, then got dropped when I had to tie my shoe, which was fine, as I was turning shortly anyway.

I'm still feeling just slightly sick, so kept this one on the slower side. Also needed a ton of water (drained my water bottle twice plus two water stops). One gel at the 10 mile mark. Got some stomach cramps right at end, but otherwise felt like I could have held the pace for another few miles.

8:14 pace for first 5, 7:23 for next 4 (downhill), 6:59 for last 5.5. Average pace 7:33.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym, including squats (3x8 at 115, 145, 165), good mornings (3x10 at 95), and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 30).

One shot of dulera inhaler at 6:15 am. Lungs felt clouded, but not asthma-like -- just the remaining gunk from this week's bug.