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8:06 AM

21.3 mi


7:42 mi


109.3 lb
153 bpm
174 bpm


36 F
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Starting temp 35, DP 26, ending temp 44, DP 29. Moderate wind that switched direction a lot. Did 21 progressive as an out and back to the Zoo and then to Bethesda. Had a huge crew to run with, including Jamie D, Beth, Larry, Juan, Sarah W., David M, plus Richard, Kate N, Chris C, and Nico for first part (hopefully I didn't forget anyone).

First 7 averaged 8:41; next 7 averaged 7:37; last 7 averaged 6:46. Felt surprisingly good throughout, save for the two miles at MP effort to Bethesda, which were a bit hard. Had to keep riding the brakes at the end to stay at 6:4x, and could have kept going to Georgetown.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - was good. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and Strawberry Banana Gus and a coconut stroopwafer, plus some watermelon sports beans - sat well. Took one gel - Salted Caramel, at Fletchers. Had Chipotle and Ucan the day before; also sat well.

Wore the Adios 3. Still dislike it. My neuromas were both slightly flaring after; normal for that shoe.

Wore tights throughout, and running jacket with heavy gloves for first half; swapped to light longsleeve shirt and light gloves for second half. Slightly too warm and uncomfortable, but that was the point.