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5:50 AM

13.7 mi


8:00 mi


113 lb
151 bpm
175 bpm


46 F
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Temp and DP 46 - did the 25x400m with 100m float. Ran this pretty much solo, with Nora and Rachel a bit ahead of me; and the guys (Matt, Greg, Kenny, Thomas, Romain, Drew) lapping me occasionally).

Tried to keep these right at 1:35 except for the last, and also to keep the recoveries very honest and active. Looking at it, I kept nearly all of them close to 30 seconds, which was good.

One puff of Foradil in the morning, plus a black cherry shot block. Didn't need my albuterol inhalter.

One difficulty - I couldn't see the other 100m lines on the track, so I just tried to find a marker at each corner (paint on the grass, etc) to use). So some of my recoveries may have been a few meters long or short of 100m - I'm not sure it matters that much, as long as I started/stopped at the same place for each 400m.