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8:14 AM

16 mi


7:41 mi


107.6 lb
155 bpm
179 bpm


69 F
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Starting temp 69, DP 58, ending temp 73, DP 57. Bright sunshine, wind from NE at 10 MPH; pollen 10.2 (Ragweed).

Parked in Georgetown and ran down to Hains Point, doing 3 loops before running back. Did 15 progression, and then added on a cooldown mile. Split so that the first 5 averaged 8:35; next 5 averaged 7:19; last 5 averaged 6:48.

Run looks good on paper, but I didn't feel great - just really tired from Friday's race plus standing on my feet for a few hours last night. Really high pollen levels didn't help. The moderate paced part actually felt pretty good, as did the first two miles at marathon effort. But my HR skyrocketed in the last three miles - I'm thinking it was a mix of the sunshine, the headwind, and just dehydration. Not good, though. I'm going to pull back on stuff a bit on Monday, and also prioritize the hydration and get some extra sleep.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, maple bacon and lemon GUs - sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing was good.

Wore the Adios 4s - they worked decently for the distance, but the left shoe started giving me a hot spot behind the big toe.