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5:50 AM

11.6 mi


9:00 mi


109.1 lb
148 bpm
171 bpm


30 F
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Temp 30, DP 18. Was supposed to do 16x400, but bad GI problems necessitated a bathroom break after 11 reps. Jumped back in to do more after, thinking I might stretch out to another 10 reps to balance out the break, but my stomach cramped up again to the point where it was affecting my gait, so I bailed.

Frustrating, in that the workout was otherwise going really well. After the first 2 reps, I was pretty much nailing 1:34 on the dot, and the floating recoveries were easy. The only difficulty was my stomach. At least I know that's a transitional issue - the result of eating something I shouldn't have on Monday on the work trip.

Averaged 1:34 for the 400s, 29 seconds for the recoveries (excluding the bathroom break). Did this one solo, though Andrew Bracken and Matt Deters were also on the track. I like doing this workout solo anyways, and not having to worry about someone next to me.

Did four hill sprints after near Lincoln.

Breathing was very good - Advair 250/50

Stomach was off - rice, hemp powder, and smores and berry Gus. I don't think the stomach problems were due to breakfast, though. Took a big slug of pepto before the workout, but it didn't seem to help much.