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8:04 AM

14 mi


7:51 mi


107 lb
153 bpm
180 bpm


40 F
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Starting temp 40, DP 35, ending temp 60, DP 38. Pollen pretty darn high.

Met group at Carderock and went out and back on towpath. Ran with Emily and Susan for first few miles, then paired off with Emily until the MP section, when I pulled a bit ahead, trailing Drew and Rachel.

First three at 9:17, next 6 at 7:53, last 5 at 6:57. MP work definitely not at MP effort at the end - too hard. I think I got a bit dehydrated and also over-heated.

Breathing not great - got through the run by using rescue inhaler at miles 3 and 8 (2 puffs each time). Rescue only seemed to work about 20 minutes.

Gait also a bit off near end - left groin slightly tight.

Breakfast was berry stroopwafel, rice, hemp powder, huckleberry hammer gel. No gels for run.