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5:50 AM

10 mi


8:44 mi


107 lb
154 bpm
186 bpm


63 F
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Temp 63, DP 58. Did 4x1200, working with Catherine, Rachel, Chris Carney, Jenn, Stephanie, and Alex, with Kate and Sarah right behind. Split 4:24, 4:25, 4:27, 4:25.

Not a great workout. Hung with the group (except for #3, where I lost focus for a bit) but didn't feel great. I think part of it is that I should have hung back more for the first rep to ease into the workout. Instead it was my fastest rep (though only slightly). Breathing not great either - used my inhaler after the second rep. I'm sure not taking any caffeine this morning didn't help either. And, of course, it was hot and humid.

But still, as "not great" workouts go, this wasn't a bad one.

Advair 250/50 and Qvar before, one puff of rescue inhaler during. Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, chocolate stroopwafel, and strawberry-banana gu.