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7:06 AM

14.1 mi


7:55 mi


113 lb
154 bpm
177 bpm


66 F
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Starting temp 66, DP 66, ending temp 71, DP 71. Out and back on the towpath from Carderock. Ran with George, Lance, Maria, Jamie, Dan, Stephen and others for first four, then with big group of Jacob, Kate, Juan, Matt, Jenn, Rachel, and Drew. They turned at 12, and so I hung with Juan and Matt until after the second water stop, when I picked it up since I was only doing 14.

Crashed a bit at the end - the water stop we were counting on at mile 8 coming back was dry, so had to wait other few miles, which meant that I got too dehydrated. Ended up running the last bit too fast, in part due to bad judgment and in part because I just wanted to be done. Had to take an emergency pit stop right before the end of the run, and stomach cramped up after. So not cool. Oh well. Breathing was fine, at least.

One lemon lime gel at the halfway point.

Splits were: 9:36, 9:06, 8:44, 8:32, 8:09, 7:42, 7:53, 7:46, 7:31, 7:15

7:03, 7:02, 7:05, 7:04