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5:54 AM

13.4 mi


7:45 mi


108.9 lb
159 bpm
179 bpm


60 F
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Temp and DP 60 - cooler, but still sticky. Did the 25x400, working with Brent. Hit the tough patch during the first reps, which was surprising, but felt much better as we went. Last 5 reps felt much stronger than two weeks ago.

Averaged 1:32 for the first 24 reps (first 24 in 36:56); last 400 in 85. The recoveries averaged 32 seconds - 8:34 pace. 10K overall was 38:21. The total workout averaged 6:39 pace.

Breathing was OK at first, then improved - advair 250/50. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, salted caramel and smores GUs, coconut stroopwafel, and cherry shot blok. No stomach issues. Also took part of a Vanilla GU partway through.