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5:55 AM

10.3 mi


8:45 mi


113 lb
154 bpm
179 bpm


30 F
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Temp 30, DP 17, pretty brisk wind from North (9 mph according to Wunderground, but felt stronger). Workout was a restrained 5K tempo, and then 800 negative split, with the second lap HARD. I also added some 200s on the end by myself with George's approval.

Did 5K tempo in 21:21 (6:48/6:56/6:49/0:48) solo, and then trailed Jen, Chris, and Skylar for the 800, splitting 1:30/1:26 for 2:56. 200s were done with the wind to my back in 42.8, 41.6, 41.0.

I am definitely out of shape mentally and physically, but that's OK - gotta start somewhere. My mechanics also felt a bit off, as they always do when I'm getting back into shape. I'm guessing that withdrawal from the prednisone didn't help either.

Breakfast was Maple Bacon Gu, hemp powder, chocolate stroopwafel, and rice. Advair 100/50 and Qvar for asthma. Lungs didn't feel great but were OK.