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7:07 AM

12.7 mi


8:40 mi


109.4 lb
148 bpm
178 bpm


73 F
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Starting temp 74, DP 72; ending temp 82, DP 72.

Ran out with Sharon, Chris C and Emily P, plus some others at times (Steve, Maria K, Sami). Was just going to stay easy but decided to pick it up when the others did, and felt unexpectedly good.

Averaged 9:11 for the easy part of the run (most of it). Last 4 miles were 8:07/7:35/7:17/7:17

Did drills after to keep stuff loose.

Breathing was good: Advair 250/50

Had rice, hemp powder, corn grits, and strawberry banana gu for breakfast, plus a strawberry GU chew. Sat well.

Stopped twice for water on the way.

Really happy with how little the humidity bothered me. Of course, I wasn't running fast, so....