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5:55 AM

11 mi


8:57 mi


114 lb
143 bpm
177 bpm


48 F
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Temp 48, DP 43. Really nice weather.

Ran 4x1200, working with Sarah. These were a bit slower than I'd expected, given the great weather. I'm guessing part of it is that I'm still really tired from the weekend. My breathing also felt a bit off, with my lower throat burning. I'm thinking it might just be GERD.

Splits were 4:43, 4:39, 4:40, 4:38.

Breakfast was salted cucumber GU, chocolate Stroopwafel, brown rice and hemp powder. DIdn't eat very much, since stomach upset from last night - I may have been under fueled for the run. Advair 100/50 and QVAR (just dropped from the 250/50 - which seemed like too much now that allergy season has ended).