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7:07 AM

16.9 mi


7:48 mi


107.7 lb
158 bpm
174 bpm


56 F
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Starting temp 55, DP 54; ending temp and DP 57. Substantial rain at times, and also a decent wind (mostly a cross wind)

Did the 4-3-2-1, working with Chris and Brent, with Beth a bit ahead. Splits were:

4 Mile: 27:27 (6:53/6:49/6:52/6:53 - average pace 6:52)

3 Mile: 20:28 (6:48/6:51/6:49 - average pace 6:49)

2 Mile: 13:35 (6:50/6:45 - average pace 6:48)

Mile: 6:19

The physical effort on these wasn't too bad, and the distance felt easy. My breathing did feel tight during the 4, so I used my inhaler (2 puffs) and felt better after. I added a dose of Qvar to my Advair 250/50 this am, but that may need a few more days to take effect.

My sciatica was flaring on my left going into this run, and my left adductor was also twingy. Before the run, I did a lot of nerve flossing and voodoo flossing of the adductor, plus taped the adductor pretty well. The sciatica was never an issue during the run; the adductor got a bit tight at the end of the 3 mile, but was good after that. Neither is bothering me at all several hours post run, so that's good.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, a chocolate stroopwafel, and maple bacon and toasted marshmallow GUs. Took a Vanilla GU after the 4 mile segment. Carried water but didn't really need it on this run.