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8:06 AM

14.8 mi


7:38 mi


108.2 lb
159 bpm
176 bpm


68 F
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Starting temp and DP 68; ending temp/DP 74; wind of 7 MPH from south; pollen of 8.3.

Pretty decent long run - started with Maria K, Britton, David K, Jonathon Ferguson, and new guy Sam; soloed the rest after mile 4.

The run was not without adventure - the bottom of Hains Point was flooded about 3 inches deep (I can't believe I didn't get blisters) and part of my marathon pace segment was through a boat festival regatta, where I kept dodging traffic, including idiots swinging their oars around for fun.

Split as first 4 at 8:39; next 4 at 7:23; last 6 at 6:57 (in all likelihood faster, but had the two slowed miles due to traffic and signal loss); and then a cool-down. Ran the middle 4 a bit too fast again.

Took one salted watermelon GU during the MP segment. Carried a water bottle, which I drained - it got hot out there.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and lemonade Gus, cherry shot blok, watermelon sport beans, and a chocolate sunseed butter thing. Sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar.