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5:50 AM

9.8 mi


8:31 mi


117 lb
152 bpm


36 F
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Temp 36, DP 27. Workout was 5K at tempo, 4.5 laps recovery (~10 minutes) and then 1 mile hard.

Ended up soloing, since I was legitimately between groups. Kept the tempo to a true (meaning restrained) pace, and then tried to run the mile hard. Did start flailing a bit during the mile - didn't keep as relaxed and smooth as I would have liked.

One puff foradil in the morning - breathing got noisy the last bit of the mile, but no asthma issues. I did feel a bit shaky and also drowsy before and during the workout - I'm gonna blame it on the Benadryl I took last night. Weird how low my HR was for the mile.

I've decided that I don't like the Adios Boost 2s for anything faster than MP/restrained tempo