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5:50 AM

10.8 mi


7:25 mi


109.7 lb
162 bpm
179 bpm


70 F
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Temp and DP 70 - foggy and sticky. Did the 25x400, working with Jenn and Layth for most of it, with Chris M, Jillian, and Sarah ahead of us.

Averaged 1:34 for first 24, and ran the last in 1:25. Total "10K time" was 39:00 flat. Recoveries averaged 32 seconds - 8:32 pace. Average pace for overall workout - 6:43.

Took a water break every 4 laps on the home stretch (our water bottles sat on a bench, and we just grabbed and drank a few sips during the recovery jog without stopping).

Felt mostly good - the hardest was the first rep and the last few - I just got tense for the last few. Need to relax more next time.

Took half a salted watermelon GU during the workout because I felt like I needed the salt. It didn't sit that well.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel, and ginger ade and smores Gus - that did sit well. Breathing was decent, especially given the weather - Advair 250/50.

Cooldown done later in different shoes, so a different entry.