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5:57 AM

8.9 mi


8:15 mi


112 lb
155 bpm
185 bpm


70 F
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Temp 70, DP 67. Did 3x1600, trailing pack of Layth, Jenn, Juan, Matt, and working with Dan. Skipped the optional 400s since I didn't want to overdo stuff on my first workout back. Split 6:17, 6:09, 6:01.

Surprised at how fast these were, given it's my first track workout since Grandma's. Was expecting to run considerably slower. Effort felt good also - wasn't fried at the end. No need for rescue inhaler; took Maple Bacon GU before. So cool to have mile repeats limited by my legs, not my breathing.

Breathing was good, but improved throughout and felt best after the run was done - which is consistent with the Advair taking 2-3 hours to really kick in.

Short cooldown, since I needed to get back to the house to meet the electrician.