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7:07 AM

21 mi


7:47 mi


110.9 lb
151 bpm
174 bpm


66 F
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Starting temp 68, DP 66; ending temp 76, DP 63. Ran the loop - ran with Lauren, Juan, Joe E, Larry, Lili, and Chris C, for first part, and then Chris C and I hung with Kate N. and Dani until Pierce Mill, and then Chris and I ran the rest of the loop mostly together.

Ran the first 7 at 8:51 pace; next 6.5 at 7:43; last 7.5 at 6:52. Felt very good and controlled. Pace slowed a bit in spots by mud, puddles, and a fallen tree on the MBT.

Carried water, took tutti-frutti rocktane at mile 6 and a salted watermelon GU plus half a lemonade rocktane at Susanna Lane. Definitely needed the salt. Carried 10 gels just to make sure I was comfortable carrying them.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate stroopwafel, and toasted marshmallow and strawberry banana GU. It sat well. Ate Chipotle for lunch the day before (need to skip the guac next time - too heavy) and ucan for dinner.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50.

Wore new pair (second run) of Adios 3s. They weren't bad, and I could run the marathon in them, My hunch is that I'll still prefer the Adios 2s when I wear those for the next 20. The Adios 3s are just slightly too soft and heavy.