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7:10 AM

15.3 mi


8:00 mi


118 lb
166 bpm
188 bpm


75 F
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Long run - started at 75, DP of 73, ended at 80, dewpoint of 75. ridiculous. At least it was overcast.

First 5 miles at 8:31 pace, then dropped down to 7:40-8:00 pace for the bulk of it - picking it up for the final mile to ~7:00 pace, followed by a final ~400m at 6:10 pace.

Not spectacular, but I'm pretty happy with it, given the conditions. Ran up the Capital Crescent to the Bethesda water fountain with a group (Sharon, Jessica, Courtney, Greg, Laurel, Will, Tenley, Mary). Will and I continued on to the far side of the Bethesda bridge, and then turned and headed back to Fletchers. Since I've been feeling so lousy, I wanted to start the run with an easy 10 -- if I felt lousy at that point, I'd just stop; if not, I'd continue down to tack on however much I felt like.

Felt good at Fletchers, so when Will split off, I continued on down the Capital Crescent into Georgetown and Wisconsin Avenue, where I intended to get water at the mall. Mall was closed, so I ran to the 34th and M Water fountain instead, before returning back on the C&O Towpath (which was slightly less humid than the Cap Crescent, and also didn't have a downed tree).

Pepto before; 3 water breaks (plus a 4th attempted) and one shot blok.

Followed with injury prevention work, including squats (4x8 at 95, 105, 115, 120; 1x4 at 125) and good mornings (2x10 at 75)