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7:11 AM

20.3 mi


8:47 mi


107.8 lb
156 bpm
173 bpm


48 F
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Starting temp 48, DP 38; ending temp 51, DP 43. Wind from south at 10 mph. Light rain at times (forecast heavy rain held off).

Parked at Fletchers and ran out to the Zoo turn and back, then up to MM 3.5 on the Capital Crescent and back. Ran this progressive, split as first 7.5 miles averaging 9:44; next 6.5 miles averaging 8:28; last 6 miles averaging 7:55. Legs got stiff at the end.

Took 1/2 tab of Sinemet at 4:45 am and another 1/2 tab at 9:45 am (had to stop my run to take it). It definitely felt like the last few miles after taking the second 1/2 tab were the worst. I'm not sure if that's from the first tab wearing off, the second tab having some side effects, or my legs stiffening from stopping to take the med.

Breakfast was rice, maurten gel, salted caramel and smores GUs - sat well. Took half a vanilla GU at mile 13.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.

L/R balance at 48.3/51.7

Wore shorts, longsleeve, and latex gloves plus hat - worked well.