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6:00 AM

10.9 mi


8:55 mi


112 lb
145 bpm
180 bpm


55 F
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Temp 55, DP 46. Really nice weather - a little breezy. Ran 3200, 1600. Hung with Beth and new guy for 3200, followed Beth for a bit for 1600 (she was doing continuous 5K) and then finished the 1600 on my own. Was surprised that 1600 no faster than second mile of 3200, but I think that was partially because I was letting Beth set the pace for the first part, and then it was too windy to pick up the pace much once I was soloing.

Ran 12:37 (6:28/6:09) and then 6:07. Did 4 hill sprints at MM 2 on Custis post-workout.

Breathing very good today (Advair 100/50+Qvar). Had Tri-berry gu and chocolate stroopwafel, plus brown rice and hemp powder for breakfast.