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7:23 AM

17 mi


7:19 mi


105.4 lb
161 bpm
175 bpm


63 F
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Starting temp 63, DP 58; ending temp 69, DP 60. Wind of 5 MPH from SW; pollen of 4.6

Parked on Hains Point and did counter-clockwise loops (probably should have done clock-wise, since the wind was from the southwest).

Ran 2x5 miles at marathon effort with one mile float. Split it as:

First 5 miles in 33:24 (6:45/6:38/6:44/6:38/6:39) - average pace 6:41

Second 5 miles in 33:02 (6:34/6:43/6:29/6:39/6:37) - average pace 6:36

One mile float between in 7:35.

HR got a little high at the end, which I think was just the sun and temperatures rising. The whole workout felt very good and controlled - I could have extended it if I needed to. Legs were a bit fatigued at the end, but that's the point of this workout.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, vanilla and smores Gus and Maurten gel - sat well. Took most of an expresso GU between the two segments. Carried water.

Breathing was Advair 250/50, Qvar, and one puff of rescue before starting to be safe. Breathing was good.