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7:10 AM

14.8 mi


8:05 mi


116 lb
163 bpm
186 bpm


80 F
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Temp at start was 80 with dew point of 74; finished at 85, dewpoint of 74. This was a hot and tough one. Ran up and back Capitol Crescent, starting and ending at Fletchers. Ran with Greg, Will, and Ana for the out; by myself for the back (Will and Ana turned back before I did, and Greg went further).

Took 3 water breaks, with shot bloks at two of them.

Averaged 8:37 on the out; 7:31 on the way back (last mile at 7:00 pace, followed by a .2 mile kick to Fletchers at 6:05 pace). Followed with low impact drills and injury prevention (legs tired enough that didn't want to risk strides and high-impact drills). Got a bit hard at the end, but pretty happy with this one.