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10:09 AM

12 mi


7:44 mi


111.7 lb
161 bpm
172 bpm


75 F
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Temp 75 DP 54 bright sunshine, slight breeze from the north

Parked at TR island (mental note: parking there gets tricky later in the morning - I grabbed one of the last spots) and ran out and back on the MV trail towards Alexandria. Took the first two miles easy, and then ran moderate the rest of the way. Averaged 7:34 for the aerobic miles.

I'm a bit out of shape, so the last 4 miles were work even at that pace (I think the bright sunshine contributed, as well as the fact that I'm recovering from last night's party - felt crappy from the start).

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder and Maple Bacon and Birthday Cake GUs - sat well.

Breathing was good: Advair 250/50