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7:07 AM

15.9 mi


8:09 mi


114 lb
154 bpm
172 bpm


70 F
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Starting temp 70, DP 64; ended at temp 74, DP 64. Kept Elyse company for the first 16 of her 21 miler, so did the loop up to Barnes+Noble. Ran the first 7 with her, Jamie, and Jamey, then kept on with her up Rock Creek and onto the MBT. We split the run as the first 3 at 9:12; next 4 at 8:23; next 4.5 at 7:56; last 4.5 at 7:28.

Took 2 gels, one at 7, and one at 13.5. Legs were definitely tired and working as we ran up Rock Creek, but I felt good when we came into Bethesda. Felt bad about abandoning her for the last 5, but at least they were all downhill.

One puff Foradil pre-run.