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8:01 AM

16.6 mi


7:38 mi


108.7 lb
158 bpm
171 bpm


35 F
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Starting temp 34, DP 33; ending temp 37, DP 35 - wind of 8MPH from north (felt like more). Parked in West Potomac Park and did loops of Hains Point.

Did 3x3 at marathon effort, splits were:

Set 1: 20:35 (6:53/6:48/6:54 - 6:52 pace)

Set 2: 20:41 (6:51/6:55/6:55 - 6:54 pace)

Set 3: 20:18 (6:45/6:54/6:39 - 6:46 pace)

Felt very good after these, like I had finally warmed up, so went ahead and did one at HMP effort (ran this one a bit too hard) in 6:21. (hopefully George won't be too angry)

Major bathroom problems throughout - had to take a bio break after each rep (kept watch running to keep the recovery honest), and had stomach cramps during the first 2 sets. I think my stomach is _still_ recovering.

I'm back to disliking the Takumi Sens - they felt very awkward today.

Breathing was advari 250/50, and was very good.

Stomach was very off, as noted, though I don't think it was due to breakfast. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and birthday cake and maple bacon GUs.