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6:05 AM

12.4 mi


8:18 mi


107.2 lb
157 bpm
178 bpm


70 F
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Temp 70, DP 63. Very low wind.

Parked on Hains Point - did the fartlek warm-up, and then 2 miles at tempo (12:55 split as 6:24/6:31), 1 mile at tempo (6:27) and then 4x.25 miles in 86 (stopped too soon), 94, 93, 93. 4:4x recovery after tempos; ~60 second recovery between quarter miles.

Breathing not great - not awful enough to stop the workout, but I had to back way down on the pace. Peak flow meter says I'm at 450 (should be over 500), so that's what's going on. The strained rhomboid is keeping me from taking a full inhale of my advair, so that may be the issue.

At least my GCT was fairly even.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and smores, ginger, and half of expresso GUs - sat well.

Breathing not great - Advair 250/50 plus Qvar and 2 puffs of rescue.