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8:05 AM

22.1 mi


7:44 mi


109.3 lb
154 bpm
175 bpm


34 F
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Starting temp 34, DP 32; ending temp 46, DP 32. Both Klimat and my Garmin say low wind, but it definitely picked up and I felt it on the MP segment.

From Fletchers we ran up Rock Creek to Wise Road and back. On the way out, we stayed under the Whitehurst in Georgetown; I took the waterfront on the way back to make sure I got 7 miles at marathon effort.

Started the run with a big group, including Kate N, Mollie, Damien, Alex, Carolyn, and many others. Damien, Alex, Carolyn, and I all stuck together for 21 until we hit the marathon effort part.

First 7 averaged 8:44 pace, next 7.5 averaged 7:30; last 7 averaged 6:47 (plus a 5 minute jog after).

I was pretty happy with this. My legs are still tired from Houston, so I'm pretty happy to have hit sub-6:50 pace. Also happy that 22 felt so doable, given that I haven't run longer than 17 since Richmond.

Felt really tired for the first part. Used my inhaler at the first Peirce Mill stop, and that helped. Took two expresso GUs - one at each Peirce Mill stop.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and gingerade GUs, plus a few caffeinated sport beans. Sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50, Qvar, and one puff of rescue at first Pierce Mill stop. Breathing good after that.

Started the run with tights, sportsbra, longsleeve shirt, and Shamrock outershell. Dropped off the shell at the first Peirce Mill stop, and the longsleeve at the second. Wore thin gloves for first 2/3rds - hands really cold at first.