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6:00 AM

10.2 mi


8:30 mi


115 lb
146 bpm
174 bpm


39 F
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Temp and DP 39. Did 3200, 1600 in 12:55 (6:28/6:27) and then 6:07. Was a bit ahead of Dan and Elyse for 3200, then worked with Dan for 1600. Pretty happy with these - I'm in better shape than I expected. Weather was fantastic.

One puff Symbicort about 5 am. DIdn't feel lousy after it this time. Though might also be that I didn't get a good puff.

Really needed more warm-up, though. Ran out of time for drills, and not quite enough running.

New GCT balance metric from Garmin - 48.3% L / 51.7% R

Illustrates my weak left leg. We'll see if that improves next week after I get the SI joint injected.