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5:50 AM

8.6 mi


8:09 mi


113 lb
157 bpm
180 bpm


70 F
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Temp 70, DP 67, Pollen 8.2, code orange air quality.

Did 3200, 1600, working with Jason. Ran 13:15 (6:45/6:30) and then 6:20. Because of the conditions and the fact we're not acclimated, George had us do a 3 lap recovery instead of 2.

Was pretty happy with this one. Because of the weather, and the fact I'm racing on Monday, we agreed that I'd change this to 3xmile if my breathing got tough. But breathing was great. I was definitely still affected by the humidity, but no asthma. Awesome.

One puff Dulera in morning, and Maple Bacon GU pre-run. Wore my Takumi Sens just to be sure they'd be good for Monday. They feel miserable for slower stuff, but great for strides.