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5:45 AM

10.2 mi


8:13 mi


104.5 lb
152 bpm
174 bpm


23 F
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Temp 23, DP 12, wind of 17 MPH from north.

Did a 5K tempo, tucking behind a big group of Rachel, Tony, David M, David K, Barrett, Juan, Rihana, Matteo, Alex F, Alex B, and Lindsay.

Split as 6:26/6:21/7:04 for last 1800.

Felt aerobically very good and easy; felt awful gait wise. Right SI, right groin, left IT all really stiff, achy. Just really stiff and cold - I was underdressed in thick tights and light CAR jacket. I should have worn a heavier jacket, and gone with compression shorts under tights. Ah well.

Also still a bit nervous about being so packed up.

Breathing was good - surprisingly so, given the dew point. Advair 250/50, Qvar, and one puff rescue plus Pepto

Breakfast sat OK - rice, hemp powder, smores and vanilla GUs.