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9:00 AM

13.1 mi


8:08 mi


50 F

Race Result

291 / 1535 (19%)
7 / 12 (58.3%)
190 / 531 (35.8%)


I wish I could use this as a PR but I'm sure the course was short by as much as a mile. About half the route was on paved or dirt trails and half on roads. Looking at the course map afterward there was one out and back segment that was not utilized (no markings or personnel directing). When I reached mp11 from mp9 in 10 min I knew something was amiss.

Anyway, I felt pretty good through the race although my left middle toe got blackened. I ran at about 8:38 pace through 9 mi ( some of the mile markers were off by quite a bit so who knows) which would put me at a projected finish time of 1:52:56 (probably less as I ran final 1.1 mi at faster pace).