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4:39 AM

7.5 km


4:35 km


54.5 kg
157 bpm
176 bpm



8 / 10
8 / 10
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Warm Up: SR Standard Warm Up

Ran to my heart rate and tried to get it and hold it at around 160. From previous runs this is an effort than is subjectively harder than easy but not into workout territory. It's quicker than my natural pace but I wouldn't think this was a threshold or anything. And I was on the money I think. After 3km my HR was steady as the average HRs show and as I expected the pace was in in the 4:15-4:25 range depending on the terrain. It was an enjoyable run, the sort where the legs are turning but there is no real effort involved and breathing was completely in control throughout other than the last 500m which happens on every run anyway.

Cool Down: Stretches