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6:47 AM

8 km


4:54 km


55.1 kg
141 bpm
166 bpm


6 / 10
7 / 10
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BP 8km


Warm Up: Lunge Matrix + Leg Swings

Strange run, feeling the run from yesterday in the legs but the lungs were great throughout. I had almost major gadget (and then shoelace malfunction later) failure with the HR monitor all over the place but figured out that the strap was loose, so the first 3km of HR data can be taken with a pinch of salt. It stabilized and after yesterday I got yet another clearer signal that I'm getting fitter. I have found these easy 8km runs fiddly with the slow pace but today I was cruising in the 4:40s, in fact after the first 3km never slowed below 4:48 and it genuinely felt a loy more comfortable than before. I ddidn't feel compelled to raise my work rate at any point. Now I must just stay away from injury!!!

Cool Down: ITB Rehab Routine