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5:59 AM

32 km


3:57 km


56 kg
146 bpm
185 bpm


15 C


10 / 10
10 / 10

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RAC Tough One 32km

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Amazing day. Plan was to do 62/66 splits and go for a 4:00/km average for a 2:08, but on the day things just went so well. I rare with Glenn for most of the first half and sharing the work helped, we just ticked through the splits and hit halfway in 61:18. Then the climbing started. Unfortunately Glenn wasn't adapted to he altitude and I dropped him around 18km and was on my own, but I pushed through and did the 8km 'Tough' stretch in 32:56. From there it was just bringing it home. My average pace was 3:56/km at 24km and I'm proud that I could hold that average pace to the end. I was actually quicker and at one stage a low 2:05 looked on but the 30th kilometre got me again like last year and I had to take two walk breaks but still managed a 4:37 split. My second half was 64:49, faster than the first half last year.