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6:00 AM

42.2 km


5:11 km


53 kg



9 / 10
5 / 10
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My first marathon was a seriously chastening experience, and even after 26 weeks of base and specific training, further reinforced that the marathon only begins after 32km. I was more than ready for the 32km and the progress of the race shows, through 10km in46:30, halfway in 1:36:20 and 30km in 2:18:00. But after checking my pace at 31.5km it was like a switch was flipped instantaneously. The wheels just came off spectacularly and I struggled even with adding a 1min walk at the end of each kilometer. I'm certain I was physically prepared, the ease I felt at 31.49 km tells me that, but I lost the mental battle. When I had to dig in I had nothing more to give. Still very happy to have done it and it is a notoriously difficult course so it can only get better from here. Bring on the next one!!!!