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4:44 AM

8 km


4:46 km


54.5 kg



7 / 10
6 / 10
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BP 8km


Warm Up: Lunge Matrix + Leg Swings

I've tagged this as any easy run simply because of the average pace but it wasn't easy as my legs were still feeling the effects of the 12k in the wind last night. Legs basically weren't working up Timbavati and Pail and though it got better after that still felt sluggish. The tightness in the calf was less than yesterday so that was good. The climb back up to Vista Valley was torture! Took the new Vomero's out for a spin and despite them definitely needing some breaking in they were a pleasure to run in. I also noticed that even at these slow paces, as long as I'm not deliberately holding back, I can still run with a good forward and just before ground contact, my ankle snaps forward which means my glutes are engaging somewhat!

Cool Down: Stretches