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11:00 AM

8.2 km


5:29 mi


adidas XCS

Race Result



My watch read the course to be .15 of a mile off. Considering this my watch time also had me going through the 8k at 26:50 which seems a bit fast but it makes since with the pace i ran and the fact that i really dropped off on the 600m. This was probably the first time i finished a race and was unable to kick in at the end, which felt like shit. I again felt very mentally prepared for this race again and was much more able to fight off the anxiety and doubt monsters this time. I went out repetitively slow to the rest of the pack which may have hurt me a bit maybe not. I slowly gained on the pack containing most our guys. I eventually ended up passing them and i think i maintained a pretty solid pace until the end. I wanted to kick in more at the end but i could not because i was heaving for the last 300m. i got kicked by zack and mike at the end because of that. I really need to fix the throwing problem though because i normally dont do it. overall not a bad race although the official time of 28:02 doesnt really make happy but whatever