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8:00 AM

55 mi


17:28 mi


125 lb
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Ran first half of Run Rabbit Run 103 recorded the 2nd half on Saturday. Great race, very laid back chit chatting with some great folks out there. Felt good for most of the race, just energy depleted often after 16 hours. Hard to keep stomach good on gels and aid station food after 20 hours, but just moderate diarrhea and no vomiting. Kim paced me for 20+, Becca for 9, and Harry for 30. Overall, had a few bad episodes but felt like I had a good race. Might have been able to push it a bit harder than I did. Was happy to get my weight to 125 before race start. Felt like I ate well and tapered well. Wish I would have had higher mileage during training.