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8:00 AM

26.8 mi


11:44 mi


125 lb


45 F


8 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

20 / 70 (28.6%)
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Ran with Rebecca for the first couple miles. Later, I was awe inspired by while running and talking with a man with an prosthetic leg. I hooked up with few women whom I would run with until 14.5 miles (the high point turn-around). The 3 of us weren’t hammering out hard miles, but we were having great conversations and it felt like a decent effort for the amount of climbing we were doing. At the high-point turn around (14.5) my time was 3:14. I became very focused at that point to do nothing but 100% effort until the end. I hammered the last 12.25 miles through the technical, rocky, single-track and the ridiculous sand climb at mile 22. I nearly fell a half dozen times and rolled my ankles a lot but luckily no falls and no sprains. I gave 100% effort for those last 12+ miles just hoping to at least break 5:30. Passed dozens of people. The last 3 miles the headwinds were brutal and the last half mile where you have to run past the finish line and come back was tough. In the end my time was 5:13. I had a goal of a mile per minute off of last race time and I was close at 25 minutes. Just for reference, the 2 women I ran up with Steamboat Amanda 5:29 and Denise 5:44. Great race overall and I really enjoyed it. Got 3rd place in age group.