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10:00 AM

13.1 mi


8:07 mi


125 lb


18 F


9 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result



Race started in low 30s but expected it to warm up quite a bit. Instead, the opposite happened. Cold weather blew in and finish was 18 with real feel of 8.

The race started downtown and ran up monument valley trail to the turn around and back. Ran first mile with Kim at a comfortable pace. I carried drink so I could skip aid stations and I think that paid off. Kept steady, running by effort level and how I was feeling. Watched my breath closely to just keep exertion level reasonable without falling off pace. Lost Kim at first aid station. Hit the turn around and decided to just push it hard and see how far I could go before I blew up. Definitely pushed the pace, concentrating on breathing and stride. Diane joined me at about 10.5 which was awesome because I was starting to come undone a bit. She gave me the boost I needed to finish hard. Pushed and passed runners all the way to the finish. Very happy with my time, might be my half PR. Won age group.