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6:00 AM

50.4 mi


12:47 mi


121 lb



10 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

23 / 155 (14.8%)
5 / 40 (12.5%)
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Course change this year due to snow. Started at Dry Fork, ran to footbridge, then turned around and ran back to Dayton. Had a good run to FB, then back up the hill. After leaving aid station, I really started to suffer. My body was tired, and my stomach was messed up, and mentally I was done. Many people passed me, and i went from 5th woman to 10th or 11th as i walked a good portion of the next 7 miles to the aid station. Once there, i sat for about 10 minutes. I started to feel better and syched myself up that i would get to see my husband and my children at the next aid station. Had a good stretch adn made it to dry fork at 7:20. Nursed baby for 5 minutes, had gel, drank soda, switched out bottles, and headed out at 7:28. Ran strong the rest of the race. Passed all the women who had passed me earlier. Ran the downhill hard. When I reached the road and the last 5 miles, I had very little left to give. Ran/walked the road. Harry met me to take me in the last 1/2 mile. finished 5th woman, had issues and ended up in the hospital getting multiple iv's. Good race, probably need to look at my hydratration and nutrition while on the course.