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4:42 mi

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Lifetime 5k pr and it was indoors which I’m stoked about. Glory to God first off. He’s certainly kept me healthy and kept my passion alive for running. Secondly, thanks to Spitz for coaching me. Thanks to everyone who supported me. I was in the second heat and spitz said just go for the win and don’t worry about pace. I got out mid pack and covered the moves well. Just zoned out and the pace felt really easy- never strained once really. A guy made a hard move with a mile to go and I covered it again. Felt like taking the pace at this point but have had many races where I’ve blown up and frankly I just wanted to be in the race at the end, kicking to the line. The 300 meter track is weird for splits and when I tried to do them in my head, I thought we were running 15+ pace. Then with 600 left I saw the clock say 12:54 or something and I did the math and was like frick, this is gonna be a good one so I took the lead and then got passed with 200 meters left for 2nd. Very pleased with this pr. It’s honestly been so long since I’ve set a 5k pr and it just felt good to get the monkey off my back, especially since my best indoor 5k before this was 15:05. Zach Panning helped me up after my race haha pretty cool.

All in all, don’t get me wrong, very happy with a pr. But I think Spitz and chapman could say the same thing, I should have done this a long time ago. Glad to have the monkey off my back, but I don’t think 14:34 is absolutely amazing for myself. Chapman left a voicemail and mentioned sub 14. I think it’s possible, and a lot sooner then people realize. I hope I get a shot at some races outdoors bc now I know where I’m at I know I could have done even better then what I did today.



Holy moly dude! Well deserved, congrats! Your dedication and motivation is is inspiring! Can’t wait to see what you can do this outdoor!


Thanks Zac😀


This is so awesome!!! Congrats Eli!

Collin Day

This is amazing dude! So proud of you man!

Sam Pinkowski

I'm really, really proud of you. Your determination and dedication are inspiring.


Thanks all! 😀


So exciting to read about the race. Hearing how it has redefined your idea of your running and inspired you inspires me just as much, AWESOME STUFF MAN!!