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1:33 PM

7 mi


5:14 mi

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USA 7 mile champs. Bix7. Decent day. All the wartburg people ran great! My goal was top 30 and that's what I got. First mile was around 5:45 and then the second mile was downhill and was around 4:40. Caught Kailas just before mile 3 but he caught me back before mile 4. He ran great. I had a lot of good runners beat at mile 5 but three they put some distance on me. Overall, not too concerned about the race. Would have liked to have beaten more D3 guys but honestly with the tiring week of camp and high mileage, I'm not too concerned. I know I could have raced faster if I had more rest. Super fun time though. Gotta keep working hard. I have lots of confidence still and when my mileage drops down when it matters most, I think I'll be ready to go. Go Knights. LSD tomorrow. Just gonna take it easy to cap a 90 mile week.



You did great man. The time will tell. Trust the process and keep working.


Can't wait to see what you can do in November!


Great race Eli! Happy for you!