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Nice 4 mile race this morning. Took 1st place by 78 seconds. Some high school idiots took it out and I moved into 1st after a half mile or so. It was 44 degrees and 16mph winds. I felt pretty good, especially for a 100 mile week and a 14.5 mile pre-meet. The guy who got 2nd is a 68 minute half marathoner and 14:50 5ker. He said he was coming back from an injury I'm sure he could have ran faster. Well so could I if I was chasing someone. Not gonna lie, I was hurting pretty good but just kept trucking along. The first mile was straight into the wind and I was 5:14. I was hurting like 2 miles in so I was happy with how it ended up. I think I would have been 19:20's or faster with no wind. Wanted that course record of 19:07. Anyways, I'm pleased with this race and I don't think 20:12 is too bad given the conditions.



Good race Eli!