Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

200.00 m0:283:46UNC track5/19/2016View Race
0.25 mi1:004:00Meredith College6/27/2017View Race
0.50 mi2:305:00Track6/20/2017View Race
0.78 mi4:015:09Sutherland Track5/31/2015View Race
1.00 mi4:484:48Raileigh Rundown Mile6/16/2017View Race
2.00 mi12:126:06Irondequiot 2 miler7/4/2013View Race
2.20 mi18:108:16Neighborhood7/29/2017View Race
2.80 mi17:236:13UNC Campus11/12/2016View Race
3.00 mi18:496:17ATT12/13/2018View Race
3.10 mi19:086:11Run for the roses2/14/2016View Race
3.14 mi19:476:19Sunset House 5K5/25/2019View Race
3.20 mi19:496:12Cary Track5/1/2021View Race
3.25 mi19:506:07Cary Track11/25/2020View Race
3.31 mi20:206:09Cary Track6/5/2018View Race
3.50 mi21:206:06Speedway1/28/2018View Race
4.00 mi25:236:21ATT7/15/2017View Race
4.75 mi31:516:43Bull city 5 miler10/20/2019View Race
8.00 km31:376:22October fest 8k10/15/2016View Race
5.00 mi32:206:28Running of the Bulls6/5/2021View Race
6.20 mi40:306:32Florence Forth3/4/2017View Race
6.26 mi40:396:30Florence Forth3/2/2019View Race
6.60 mi54:198:14Charlie Old Goat Run6/27/2015View Race
6.70 mi43:326:30Rock and Roll Rsleigh4/8/2018View Race
7.20 mi1:00:458:27Treadmill4/23/2017View Race
7.50 mi50:406:463rd leg of marathon relay9/21/2014View Race
9.30 mi1:04:106:54Boiler-Maker7/12/2015View Race
10.00 mi1:08:116:50American Tobacco 10 miler10/26/2019View Race
Half Marathon1:29:136:49Rock and Roll Rsleigh4/2/2017View Race
Marathon3:18:397:35Tobacco Road Marathon3/17/2019View Race
26.30 mi3:11:027:16Wrigjtsville Beach Marathon3/18/2018View Race